Obligation to vaccinate public employees sled, does not enter the Christmas decree

Cdm takes time, hypothesis to extend the obligation to the whole world of work

The vaccination obligation for public administration employees, a pool of about 950 thousand workers, has been shifted to the Council of Ministers considering that the obligation has already begun for those who work in health care, schools and law enforcement agencies, therefore the bulk of the sector . The obligation has never entered the draft of the Christmas decree, but in fact it was the ‘highlight’ of the control room this morning, updated in the afternoon, between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the majority forces.

According to Adnkronos, the Prime Minister’s idea was to start from the obligation in the PA, and then extend it to the private sector, therefore to the whole world of work. But in this there were different positions at the discussion table, which also discussed it during the Cdm. The decision, according to what Adnkronos learns from sources present at the Council of Ministers, is currently postponed, because we are considering the extension to the entire world of work, without distinction, a hypothesis strongly supported by Minister Renato Brunetta in line with what has already happened for the Green pass.