OceanGate, the Antipodes submarine for sale: it costs 795 thousand dollars

It’s called Antipodes and bears the signature of OceanGate. We are talking about one of the submarines produced by the US company which, after the implosion of the Titan in which five passengers died, including the CEO Stockton Rush himself, suspended its activities. Antipodes is currently on sale for $795,000. But there is a but: Steve Reoch, the yacht broker in charge of selling the submarine and looking for a buyer, seems to be backing down. “I don’t want anything to do with this,” he said in an interview with Insiders.

The submarine Antipodes

Just over 4 meters long, Antipodes can reach up to 300 meters deep in the ocean. According to the description, the submarine is equipped with “six individual 5 HP electric thrusters”, furthermore it is “highly maneuverable at depth and extremely comfortable for the pilot”. Up to “four crew members” can go on board.


Listed for nearly $800,000, it was built in 1996 by another boat manufacturer, Perry Submersibles. Over the years, it has been purchased by various owners. The last one was Stockton Rush, co-founder of OceanGate, who decided to buy it to carry out a series of dives for his company: according to Reoch’s statements, all these expeditions – one of which was organized to spot sharks and saw the participation on board of the rapper Macklemore – they were always successful. Although Antipodes met industry standards, according to the American Bureau of Shipping, OceanGate decided to put it up for sale as Rush’s company was busy building its first true submersible, Cyclops I, at the time.

The sale

Antipodes has been waiting for a buyer for a full five years. Over the years it has been chartered several times, but has not yet found an owner and, according to Reoch – even in light of the Titan disaster – will remain unsold.