Odessa Journal Editor: ” Offensive will lead to secret negotiations ”

” The Ukrainian offensive of these days is not a simple battle to add to the many of the conflict that broke out with the Russian invasion, but it could represent a turning point ”. Ugo Poletti, director of the online English-language newspaper ‘The Odessa Journal’, is convinced of this, and with Adnkronos defines the one launched by Kiev as ” a textbook military operation ”. So much so that “this winter will probably be the time to start secret negotiations, when Putin is still holding the energy blackmail card”. Negotiations that could involve the American President Joe Biden, directly negotiating with the Russian Vladimir Putin and without the need for mediation, without the role of the Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In the meantime, explains the Milanese entrepreneur author of the essay ‘In the heart of Odessa’ published by Rizzoli, ” on the operational level, the Ukrainians carried out a textbook military operation: they took the Russian army by surprise with a fake offensive in Kherson, near Odessa, then attacking Kharkiv, to the east near the border with Russia ”. In short, “in four days they reconquered a territory that the invaders had occupied in four months of bitter fighting”.

Poletti goes further and reflects on the fact that “on the strategic plan there are two aspects to highlight: the Ukrainians take the initiative again, deciding when and where to fight, while the Russians are forced to suffer”. Then there is another aspect, which emerges from the ” hasty Russian retreat ”, namely: ” abandoning ammunition depots and intact vehicles, a structural fragility of Putin’s army has been shown, which has not managed to correct the its organizational dysfunctions ”. According to Poletti ” this test of the weakness of the military system suggests that the Russians will hardly be able to recover the initiative for several months, not even with the new recruits expected in the autumn ”.