Of the rave, obstructionism opposition to the Chamber: towards trust on text

Bonelli: “Odg on neo-fascist rallies and Casapound eviction”

Examination of the dl rave in the Chamber. There were 80 registered speakers, almost all from the opposition, at the beginning of the session and the number is destined to increase. The decree expires on December 30, so trust seems obvious.

An agenda at the dl rave first signed by Angelo Bonelli, deputy of Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra and co-spokesman of Europa Verde, asks for a commitment by the government to foresee, in a forthcoming legislative provision, the modification of article 633-bis of the criminal code to sanction anyone who organizes or promotes rallies for the public exaltation of Fascist exponents, principles, facts or methods, with the consequent repeal of the sanctions for anyone who organizes or promotes rallies for entertainment purposes.

The agenda also calls for the rapid implementation of the clearing of the property owned by the state in Via Napoleone III in Rome, which has been occupied for years by Casapound. “It is necessary to attack the collective demonstrations that praise fascism, but certainly not the free expression of thought”, said Bonelli.

“The dl rave, which arrives in the Chamber with very tight deadlines, contains a series of important interventions. Among other things, there is also the rule that anticipates the reinstatement of no-vax doctors on which, I say it clearly, Forza Italia has great perplexities. Without any embarrassment, we are absolutely convinced that there cannot and should not be any ambiguity or hesitation on the subject of vaccines. That said, Forza Italia will not fail to cast its votes, considering the decree also an opportunity to open the debate on the great dossier of justice: it is a first approach, a kick-off for a reform of the system”. Thus in L’aria che tira, on La7, the leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber Alessandro Cattaneo. “Regarding the guaranteed issues, some components of the opposition could converge on our positions. We really hope it’s the right time”, he concluded.