Off to the last railway mile Porto Civitavecchia, Musolino: ‘Historic moment’

The report was signed yesterday which started the reorganization works of the iron system in the Civitavecchia Port System Authority area, which will be carried out by the RTI awarded the European tender Salcef SpA (agent) / Laghetto Conglomerati Srl (principal). The intervention, envisaged in the Three-year Operational Plan of the AdSP, has a priority for the effective development of the last national railway mile, with a view to increasing intermodal transport which the European Union has been aiming for for years now, also allowing the expansion of an essential sector to connect the ports with the railway. This is an important reorganization of the port railway infrastructure which provides for a real “upheaval” of the same, through the demolition of the current port track bundle and the construction of a new truncated track bundle which will guarantee modules of useful length up to to 620 metres, in place of the current modules which have useful lengths not exceeding 400 metres.

At the end of the works, the port railway infrastructure will consist of seven tracks serving the primary shunting, as well as a further 6 tracks serving the secondary one. Furthermore, the construction of the infrastructure connection to the Commercial Terminal is planned, with a direct connection to platform 25 and 4 new tracks serving the area, with the optimization of the existing connection with platforms 23 and 24 and the automation of the entire railway system, which will allow the achievement of high safety standards during the movement of the convoys and easier and faster maneuvers. The works will have a duration of approximately 10 months and an investment of 23 million euros co-financed by the European Union, within the Fast Track To The Sea programme, and with funds from the Port System Authority and the Lazio Region.

“Thanks to this historic intervention – explains the president Pino Musolino – we could equip the port with new infrastructures which will certainly guarantee a further development of commercial traffic not only for the Civitavecchia area but for the Lazio Region and the whole country. The port will boast a cutting-edge railway system, in step with the needs of the national and international transport system, in line with the needs of the market and certainly flexible, able to adapt quickly to any further developments in the sector “.