‘Okay, shake it’ Harry Styles was hit in the crotch with a bottle during a show

Harry Styles is currently in his love on tour and a dramatic moment occurred during his concert in Chicago over the weekend.

The funny interactions of the singer of As It Was with the crowd often make headlines, including the time a chicken nugget was thrown onto the stage.

This time, the recent Chicago concert of the singer of Watermelon Sugar he saw a bottle being thrown at him during his interaction with the crowd and the video has now gone viral on the internet.

Styles, 28, was in the middle of his performance Friday night at the United Center when a random bottle was thrown in Styles’ direction.

While fans expected the actor from Don’t Worry Darling lost his temper over the incident, he surprised the audience with his calm reaction and even laughed.

Styles can be heard saying: “Well that’s unfortunate” while looking at where the bottle hit him. Then he shakes his legs and perks up as he says: “Okay, shake off” as the crowd cheers him on.