Old Dads, what to know about Bill Burr’s film at the top of the Netflix Top 10

On Rotten Tomatoes, Old Dads has reached a very miserable 17% positive votes. The public opinion, however, is completely different: the comedy was judged very funny, collecting the 90% of votes in favour.

The plot of Old Dads

Old Dads follows the events of three menwith one characteristic in common: having become late fathers.

Bill Burr is Jack Kelly, a middle-aged man with aggression problems who is unable to adapt to his new position as a father. His outbursts and extremely offensive comments get him into trouble at work, but also at his son’s school. Bobby Cannavale it’s Connor Brady, determined to be cool at all costs. Embarrassing and always out of place, he is a thorn in the side of his younger colleagues (and fathers). Bokeem Woodbine is Mike Richards, the most balanced of the three, who however begins to behave recklessly when he discovers that the girl (much younger than him) is pregnant.

Their vicissitudes are considered hilarious by the public (one user even called it “the best film of the last 15 years”). However, the criticism was not spared. An overseas critic wrote that, look Old Dadsmeans “listening to the unbridled rants of a man convinced that everyone is on his side, when in reality they abandoned him years ago.”

The cast

Bill Burr he made his acting debut in 1996, getting his big break with the role of Ryan Callahan in Townies. Better known as Ray Bishop ne The King of Staten Island and Detective Walsh in Crazy night in Manhattanon the small screen he played the role of Kuby in breaking Bad. Bobby Cannavale, also an actor since the 1990s, starred in Station Agent,Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle And Ant-Man. Also, she acted Dean Brannock in The WatcherTony Hogburn in Nine Perfect Strangers and Vince D’Angelo in Will & Grace. Bokeem Woodbine was instead in the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming And Fargo.

In Old Dads we also find Katie Aselton as Leah Kelly, Jack Kelly’s wife, who must deal with the consequences of her husband’s bad behavior, harmful ideals, and anger issues. The singer and actress Reign Edwards she plays Britney, Mike Richards’ young girlfriend, who finds herself pregnant without planning it. In the end, Jackie Tohn is Cara Brody, Connor’s wife and excessively permissive mother (who however thinks she is authoritative).

Directed by Old Dads there is Bill Burrfor the first time as a director.