Olivia Wilde begged Harry Styles not to end their relationship: ‘He felt suffocated’

According to reports, Harry Styles tried to separate from Olivia Wilde “several times”, but each time the director begged her not to end their romance.

A source told Heat magazine that the director of Don’t Worry Darling I know “angry” whenever the former member of the band One Direction “he was trying to leave.”

The source went on to reveal all of Styles’ reasons for leaving Wilde, saying the pop star was “so sick of all the drama.”

“Her anxiety about other women, the toxic war with her ex Jason Sudeikis, her inability to connect with her friends and family, plus the apparent pressure to commit.”

“It all got too much in the end,” the source added. “The way Olivia kept insisting on getting married and buying a place together was the final straw.”

“Harry felt suffocated. It was as if that kind of go-with-the-flow vibe that made them so happy had been replaced by a needy streak, and it became a real turnoff.

The As It Was hitmaker “had to walk away at the end,” the source shared, adding, “I wasn’t going to bother Olivia leading her on when her heart wasn’t in it.”

As for Wilde, she’s still hopeful that she and Styles will get back together, however, the source said there’s “zero chance” of that because “Harry is totally tired of the drama.”

“For Olivia, this is both heartbreaking and embarrassing in equal measure. She is well aware that Jason might be laughing at all of this,” the source said.