Olivia Wilde Spotted With Jason Sudeikis After Claiming She Doesn’t Pay Child Support

The couple was seen at their son’s soccer game in Los Angeles last weekend, after they Olivia Wilde would affirm that jason sudeikis he was not doing his part of the child support.

Exclusive photos obtained by our team show the two hugging and cheering on their 8-year-old son in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Although the relationship between Olivia and Jason has been strained by the actress’s child support lawsuit, it seems that both are making an effort not to let it affect their relationship as parents.

Olivia looked very relaxed in her sporty outfit of blue sweatpants and a white tank top, while Jason opted for a beige hoodie and dark jeans. The couple seemed to be having a good time on the bench as they chatted and laughed.

Olivia and Jason’s appearance together in public is especially significant after the actress claimed that her former partner I wasn’t paying child support. In court documents, it was revealed that Olivia he was covering 100% of the children’s expenses, including food, clothing, and extracurricular activities.

The couple, however, split the costs of their children’s school fees. In addition to back support, Olivia is also requesting $500,000 from Jason to cover her attorney and accountant fees.

Although the legal situation between the couple may be tense, it appears that they are making an effort to maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their children.

A source close to Jason said that he and Olivia had shared the costs fairly and equally throughout their relationship, and that he had started the legal process to make sure both parents met their financial responsibilities.

The legal situation between Olivia and Jason is still ongoing, but these exclusive photos show that the two are making an effort to maintain a healthy relationship as parents. Instead of letting their legal problems ruin their relationship as parents, they are showing that their love for their son is more important than anything else.