Oliviero Toscani: “Schlein is a real woman, with Landini she would make an intelligent left”

The photographer at Adnkronos on the Emg/Adnkronos survey: who is the ideal leader for the centre-left? “Elly Too intelligent to be understood. Conte? He’s someone who can’t be trusted.”

Schlein it has not yet been understood why it is too intelligent for the average Italian. In Italy trombones work. Schlein is very underrated because being too intelligent she is difficult to manage. She’s too refined, too civilized, she doesn’t say bad words, she’s polite”. So at Adnkronos Oliviero Toscani commenting on what emerged from an Emg/Adnkronos survey, carried out between 28 and 30 November: for 48% of centre-left voters Maurizio Landini he could be the possible leader of the party. In particular, 42% of PD voters and 30% of 5 Star voters say yes to Landini as leader. He answers no with 23% of Dem voters and 44% of M5S voters. While to the question ‘Between Landini, Conte and Schlein who would you like as leader of the left?’, 32% choose Landini, 30% Giuseppe Conte and 20% Elly Schlein. “If I were a woman – underlines the photographer – I would be proud to have a representative like that, a real woman. Landini is a very good trade unionist and in my opinion he could participate with Schlein in forming an intelligent left ”. And on Giuseppe Conte he concludes: ”he is someone who cannot be trusted”.

(by Alisa Toaff)