Olympics on TV, Games signed by Rai until 2032

This was announced in a press release from Viale Mazzini

Olympic Games, Games signed by Rai until 2032. A press release from Viale Mazzini made it known: “Rai, through the joint UER/Warner-Discovery offer, has been awarded – it reads – the transmission rights for Italy for all platforms (TV, internet and mobile), linear and non-linear, exclusively free-to-air, as well as the radio rights on a non-exclusive basis for Italy , San Marino and Vatican Citywith mandatory encryption and geo-blocking, of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Games (for a total of 250 hours of transmission) and the subsequent Summer Olympics, Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032, as well as the 2030 Winter Olympics , not yet assigned to the organizing location”.

“Rai, which already has the broadcasting rights for the Paris 2024 Games in its portfolio, for a total of 360 exclusive free-to-air hours on all platforms, confirms, with this acquisition, officially confirmed today by the IOC, the its commitment to the broadcasting of major planetary sporting events, in full compliance with its Public Service mission”, concludes the Rai press release.