Omar Favaro and the ex’s allegations of violence, the lawyer: “Instrumental and slanderous”

Attorney Repetti, defender of the man convicted in the past of the Novi Ligure crime: “The woman aims to obtain advantages in a civil separation case”

“The charges are instrumental to obtain advantages in a civil case of judicial separation with a strong conflict between the parties, aimed at obtaining custody of the younger daughter from both “. Thus to Adnkronos the lawyer Lorenzo Repetti, defender of Omar Favaro, convicted of the crime of Novi Ligure, and now accused of mistreatment in the family and violence by his ex-wife.Accuses, explains the lawyer, which “Omar considers unfounded and slanderous and which must be contextualized in the context of this lawsuit, with the daughter entrusted first to the father and then to the mother and after a consultation arranged by the civil court the parental capacity of both was established “, he clarifies.

“We have become aware of these allegations with the scheduling of the hearing before the Review Court and for the first time we are in a position to defend ourselves against allegations we did not know and we will explain why they are unfounded”, concludes the criminal lawyer.