Omicron and Green pass variant, “holding back hotel bookings”

Assohotel-Confesercenti’s request for help to Adnkronos: “Companies in difficulty”

The government adopts a selective criterion to help the many accommodation facilities that continue to be in difficulty. This is the request of Assohotel-Confesercenti launched at Adnkronos. “We ask for a minimum of help on specific cases related to the drop in turnover, the use of the Cig and the decrease in room occupancy” explains Deputy Vice President Nicola Scolamacchia, highlighting how in many art cities, for example, such as Rome, Florence , Venice, many hotels, due to the covid, have never reopened. “We are confident about Christmas and New Year, where many destinations in the cities but also by the sea have events planned that they are trying to keep. It can be a breath of fresh air for hotels, of course we are free diving but maybe every now and then we can come back to the surface and breathe “.

BRIDGE 8 DECEMBER – “It is a long bridge but we had fewer bookings than expected”, Nicola Scolamacchia, vicar vice president of Assohotel-Confesercenti, told the Adnkronos, when asked about the hotel tourism trend in recent days. “We are 30-40% below the November 1st bridge which went very well, where we almost sold out, while for this long weekend of December 8th we have a room occupancy rate in hotels between 50 and 60%“. Reservations were expected above all in the cities of art but the fact that” in the main cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice – he explains – many hotels have never reopened: in Rome, for example, about 300 hotels are closed and this is equivalent to – 25% of accommodation capacity “.

What weighs on is “the uncertainty due to the change in rules linked to the Green pass in hotels, since it was not required until December 6” he adds. And furthermore, the news about the increase in infections and the omicron variant do not help. “At the beginning, a” certain media terrorism was carried out on the omicron variant as if it were very dangerous and devastating. And this caused “a slowdown in bookings when alarmist news came out, which after a few days were downsized”. Unfortunately, Scolamacchia reports “even business and congress tourism, all business meetings are feeling the effects of the situation, it has never resumed as at pre-pandemic levels”. The Immaculate Conception, among other things, for Scolamacchia represents “a missed opportunity” because it was not authorized for schools “.