Omicron, Bassetti: “Centaurus more lethal? Let’s go slowly”

“Very similar to Omicron 2 so it is easier to get infected, but severe forms of the disease are kept at bay by vaccinations”

“I don’t like it now and I have never liked to scare the variants. So even on Centaurus I don’t want to do terrorism. It is more contagious and therefore we will find ourselves, I hope as late as possible but it is still probable, facing an increase in infections. as happened with Omicron 5, which still remains predominant today. But on the greater pathogenicity of Centaurus, for now we only have in vitro studies and I would like to evaluate what happens in infected people. Let’s go easy therefore, people affected by Centaurus do not have clinical pictures anymore serious, given the data coming to us from countries where this variant has higher numbers “. So at Adnkronos Salute Matteo Bassettidirector of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, comments on what was said yesterday in a focus on the WHO variants, namely that BA.2.75, the new Indian variant also known as Centaurus, would be more contagious and more ‘bad’ of the other Omicrons.

“The fact is that Centaurus is very similar to Omicron 2 – adds Bassetti – so it is easier to get infected, but the serious forms of the disease are kept at bay by vaccinations. Today this virus is a distant relative of the original one. I would go cautiously. before saying that it is more lethal, it is a mistake made with other variants, for example when Omicron arrived. And ‘wolf to wolf’ does not work. Rather, since it is more contagious, we must prepare ourselves with a vaccination campaign for the autumn. But to tell people today that this variant is more lethal – he concludes – is excessive, we are waiting to have more data “.