Omicron EU variant, “advancing at a ferocious pace, could puncture vaccines”

The words of the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen

“Although at this moment we are still fighting the Delta” variant of the covid, “we know that the Omicron variant really threatens us. It is spreading at a ferocious rate and has the potential to ‘pierce’ vaccines, at least partially“. The president of the European Commission underlines this Ursula von der Leyen, at a press conference in Brussels at the end of the European Council. “Health systems are under pressure, which is partly due to the large number of unvaccinated patients. So we need to increase vaccination, include children over 5, do third doses and use preventive measures,” he remarks.

Omicron explains, it is a “difficult” variant, which represents a “challenge”, but now “we are in a better position” compared to a year ago, thanks to the availability of vaccines. Now the priority is “to save time, reducing the spread of the variant as much as possible through triple vaccination, the use of masks and spacing”.

There third dose of anti-Covid vaccinecontinues von der Leyen, “it is recommended no later than six months after” the completion of the first vaccination course “and the certificate will remain valid for a grace period” of another “three months”. The Commission “will present a delegated act ensuring a common approach to third doses and the period of validity of the certificate”, he concludes.