Omicron Gb variant, Johnson: “No restrictions for Christmas”

Message from the premier: “Uncertainty about the severity of the disease and hospitalizations”

No lockdowns before Christmas, no tighter restrictions in Britain before December 25th. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a video message, postpones – for now – the further tightening despite the spread of the Omicron variant. “There is no doubt, the Omicron variant continues to spread at a rate we’ve never seen before. The situation remains extremely difficult but I also realize that people have waited to see if their plans for Christmas would have been conditioned, “says Johnson on a day that marks more than 90,000 new infections overall and another 172 deaths.

“We cannot rule out other measures after Christmas, we will keep the data under control and do whatever it takes to protect public health. But in light of the uncertainty that characterizes a number of elements – the severity of the Omicron-induced disease, the uncertainty on the hospitalization rate or the impact of third doses of the vaccine – we don’t think there is enough evidence to justify other more restrictive measures before Christmas, “he adds.

“We will continue to monitor Omicron very carefully and if the situation were to worsen we would be ready for the necessary actions. This means that people can move forward with their plans for Christmas. The situation hangs in the balance, I ask everyone to use caution: keep on reading. protect you and your loved ones, especially the most fragile. Wear a mask indoors when required, circulate air in the premises and swab before visiting elderly or frail relatives “, he concludes before addressing yet another appeal: “Get vaccinated, Merry Christmas”.