Omicron Gb variant, lockdown hypothesis: Johnson reunites government

New measures are being evaluated to stop the wave of infections

A new lockdown between the hypotheses that the British government evaluates to counter the spread of the Omicron variant. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has convened a restricted government meeting for today to determine if and what new measures are necessary to stop, before Christmas, the surge in infections due to the new virus variant. In front of the premier, the British press anticipates, essentially the three options presented by the government’s team of scientific consultants are presented.

The mildest of possibilities is the non-legally binding invitation to families to avoid contacts and gatherings in private homes. Johnson is however also evaluating the other two options: the first provides for the prohibition of indoor contacts between different families, the return to social distancing, a curfew starting at 20 for pubs and restaurants. The second provides for the return to total lockdown.

The premier has already ruled out that Parliament is convened before Christmas. A vote by the Municipalities would be necessary to implement more restrictive measures than the current ones, which include, among other things, the invitation to smartworking, the obligation to wear a mask on public transport and in other indoor situations and compulsory green pass to access certain public places and events. It is likely that the British premier will hold a press conference in the afternoon to present the latest data on the pandemic and any new measures decided today.