Omicron Italia variant, Locatelli: “Other measures to reduce risks”

“Immunizing served to save lives”

Omicron variant in Italy, heralds aOther measures should the epidemic situation worsen. “Outdoor masks and a mandatory tampon also for vaccinated people to participate in major events” speculates Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the CTS and president of the Superior Health Council, in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’. The wait is for the control room on 23 December. “Although the Italian epidemiological situation remains the most favorable in Europe, we are certainly not free from the increased viral circulation that is being observed on our continent”. We must do everything possible to mitigate the risk that the numbers of infected people, as well as those hospitalized or in intensive care, become more relevant “, he adds, explaining that” in this perspective, the choice adopted by our government fits perfectly. and then reproduced by many other countries of request the execution of a swab before entering Italy. The controversy that arose with respect to this choice made very little sense “.

Have the vaccines failed? “Absolutely not and I affirm it strongly. The increase in cases should not be read in the least as a vaccine failure. If we had not had them, in the presence of variants characterized by a much greater speed of diffusion and contagiousness such as the Delta and, more recently, the Omicron, many other people would have lost their lives. And the vaccines have also allowed us to resume almost all of our activities, keeping them open and protecting the country’s economic recovery “.

“When the viral circulation increases, some measures, such as for example the obligatory nature of the mask even outdoors, at least in these crowded periods typical of the Christmas holidays, could be adopted soon”, clarifies Locatelli. And he notes that in consideration of the fact that “the Omicron variant is spreading extremely rapidly also in our continent and it must be taken into account that it becomes dominant within a few weeks“,” it is absolutely crucial that, in the shortest possible time, the greatest number of people “receive the third doses of the vaccine which” confers very high protection against the risk of developing serious disease and restores a significant defense against contagion “.

As for the vaccination campaign in children, “in the first two days almost 30,000 children were vaccinated. It is a clear sign that Italian parents have understood the advantages offered by immunization in terms of health protection and training-educational spaces, as well as playful “.