Omicron Italia variant, no data on more serious disease and different symptoms

Iss: “There is no evidence yet that Omicron infection causes more serious disease”

There is currently no evidence that the Omicron variant of covid causes a more serious disease. Nor can we talk about specific symptoms. The Higher Institute of Health, in an in-depth study dedicated to the new variant of the coronavirus, takes stock of the situation while cases related to Omicron increase in several countries.

“There is still no evidence that infection with Omicron causes more severe disease than the other variants. Preliminary data suggests there is a higher rate of hospitalizations in South Africa, but this may be due to the overall increase in infected people. rather than the specific infection with Omicron, “says the ISS. “At the moment there is no information to suggest that the specific symptoms associated with this variant are different from those due to the others,” the institute continues.

“The initial cases of infection concern university students, young people who tend to have a milder disease – explain the ISS experts on the site – but to understand the level of severity of the infection caused by Omicron it will take longer (from a few days However, it should be remembered that all variants of Covid-19, including the Delta which currently remains the dominant variant globally, can cause serious illness or death, particularly in the most vulnerable people, and prevention remains fundamental. “, it is stressed.