Omicron Italia variant, the narrow: masks, vaccinated pads, green pass

Today the control room, we go to the shortest green pass. Draghi’s warning: “Take the third dose”

Compulsory mask outdoors throughout Italy and Fffp in situations with greater risk of gathering – perhaps even on board public transport – tampons for vaccinated people between second and third dose, Green pass with shorter duration. And again: possible extension of the vaccination obligation to new categories, which would thus be added to health personnel, law enforcement agencies, employees of schools and universities. Thanks to the arrival and the run of the Omicron variant, “which scientists tell us to be much more contagious than the previous ones”, the government is preparing to launch a new squeeze. Which will be decided today 23 December in the control room and then launched by a Council of Ministers, the last one before Christmas, ready to comment on several dossiers.

The priority, premier Mario Draghi repeatedly emphasizes during the traditional conference at the end of the year, is to take the third dose. Because “vaccines remain the best defense against the virus”: not surprisingly, “three quarters of the deaths are unvaccinated”. The prime minister premises that science, numbers, data, “not politics” will guide the measures that the government will adopt.

Meanwhile “It is not excluded” the choice of the obligation of buffer for risky situations, such as parties and discos. But football matches could also be at stake, with the outcome of a negative buffer for the fans who go to follow their favorite team to the stadium. On the other hand, the Germans have gone even worse: from December 28th the games will be back behind closed doors.

A few months after the second dose, Draghi recalled, vaccine protection begins to decline “faster than previously thought and for certain types of vaccines even more rapidly” and an additional barrier is needed for the intermission period up to the third dose: “In that period it is useful to do the swab to increase the protection from the virus”.

This reason also moves the hypothesis, now almost a certainty, that the duration of the Super green pass between the second and third dose will be reduced: could drop to 4 months, according to government sources. While There will be no surprises on the school holiday calendar: it will not be extended, on January 10 everyone at the desks. A screening will be launched in schools, but the return to distance learning seems to be averted for now. “We will do everything we can to ensure that this experience does not repeat itself”, says the premier, assuring that he is aware of the suffering that the restrictions have caused in young people and children.

A reflection, in the control room scheduled today, will also be made on type of tampons to make, while a possible tug-of-war over the free of charge tests to find Covid is already looming, with the League ready to ask for swabs at no cost if the obligation, even for the vaccinated, is introduced as a passepartout to access major events or situations considered more at risk.