Omicron, Modern variant: “Months for specific vaccine”

A higher dose of the current vaccine is being studied

Moderna could take months before starting to distribute a specific anti-covid vaccine for the Omicron variant. This was stated by the managing director of the pharmaceutical company, Stéphane Bancel, to the broadcaster CNBC. Bancel in an interview explained that the effectiveness of the current vaccines against the Omicron variant is not known and that in two weeks it will be possible to clarify this aspect.

The company could soon make a 100 microgram booster dose available: “The higher dose could come quickly, but it will take months before the specific vaccine for the Omicron variant is distributed in significant quantities.”

The strategy will also depend on the outcome of the tests scheduled over the next 2 weeks. “We may decide to provide a higher dose of the current vaccine to possibly protect high-risk individuals, immunosuppressed, and the elderly” who “may need a fourth dose.”

The Omicron variant, hour after hour, appears in new countries. “We believe it is present in many countries. I believe most countries with active air links to South Africa in the past 7-10 days already have cases. They may not be aware of it.”