Omicron South African variant, Moderna will develop specific vaccine

Ceo Stéphane Bancel: “The mutations are worrying and for several days we have been moving as fast as possible”

Moderna aims to “rapidly” develop a specific booster dose of the vaccine, effective to deal with the new variant of the South African Covid Omicron. This was announced in a note by the US company. “From the beginning, we have said that as we try to defeat the pandemic, it is imperative to be proactive as the virus evolves. Mutations in the Omicron variant are concerning and for several days we have been moving as fast as possible to implement our strategy to addressing this variant “, states in a statement is the CEO of Moderna, Stéphane Bancel.

“We have three lines of defense that we are pursuing in parallel: we have already evaluated a higher dose booster of mRNA-1273 (100 µg), and secondly, we are already studying two multivalent booster candidates in the clinic that have been designed to anticipate mutations such as those that have emerged in the Omicron variant and data are expected in the coming weeks, and thirdly, we are rapidly advancing an Omicron-specific booster candidate (mRNA-1273.529). ”