Omicron variant, 104 hospitalizations and 12 deaths: the Gb bulletin

The government’s strategy does not change for now: full speed ahead with the third dose of the vaccine

“We have had 12 deaths from the Omicron variant and currently have 104 hospitalizations.” British Deputy Prime Minister Dominc Raab takes stock of the impact of the Omicron variant in the UK. “If we look at the variant, we know it spreads very quickly. There is some lag in the data, so we don’t know how bad it will be,” he tells Times Radio. “We know that people vaccinated with the third dose can count on a real protection of more than 70%, which is why I believe our current strategy is correct,” he says, referring to the massive acceleration of the vaccination campaign. In any case, he adds, the line “can be revised”.

“I believe – he says rattling off figures – that 53% of adults have had the booster dose and therefore we proceed with Plan B” launched by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week: “We urge people to work from home, when this is possible, and to wear a mask in particularly crowded places. I believe this is the right strategy, at least until worse data emerge “.