Omicron variant, Biden: “Who is not vaccinated risks”

The US president: “Worry but don’t panic. Trump and I agree on the booster dose, maybe it’s the first time …”

“We need to worry about the Omicron variant, but don’t panic”. Joe Biden, president of the United States, addresses the nation with a message to indicate the route in the crucial days of the end of the year, between the Christmas holidays and the covid wave that risks spreading with the Omicron variant.

Those who are not vaccinated have good reason to worry. You risk becoming ill and infecting other people, including relatives and friends. If you are among the majority of Americans who have been vaccinated, and especially if you have received the booster dose, you have far less reason to worry. You have a high degree of protection against serious illness. The vaccinated who become infected could get sick, but they are protected from serious illness and death, “says the president.

“I did the booster dose as soon as possible. Former President Trump announced that he did the booster. Maybe that’s one of the few things we agree on: the people who get the booster dose are very protected. Join us.” he adds.

“I know you’re tired, I know you’re frustrated. We all want this to end, but we’re still in it and it’s a critical time. But we also have more tools than ever before. We need to worry about the Omicron variant, but don’t panic.” Biden says.

The United States is not plunging into an emergency similar to that of the first wave. “Are we going back in March 2020? No, absolutely no. We are prepared for what is to come. We know a lot more than we did in March 2020. If you are vaccinated and follow the precautions we know well, you will be able to spend Christmas as you planned. Enjoy your holidays. To pass them safely, take the third dose. Put on the mask. Unfortunately we still have tens of millions of people who haven’t taken the third dose: it’s available everywhere, it’s free, “Biden repeats.

The president points the finger at “dangerous disinformation”. “Those who are not vaccinated are responsible for their own choices. But these choices have been conditioned by the dangerous misinformation on TV and social media. We must stop. These companies and these people enrich themselves by spreading lies and promoting disinformation that can kill the same customers and supporters. . It’s wrong, it’s immoral. To anyone who spreads these lies, I say ‘stop’. “