Omicron variant dominant in the USA, represents 70% of cases

Biden’s speech today: new measures but no lockdown

Omicron is the most common variant in the new cases of Covid-19 registered in the United States. This was reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The highly transmissible variant now accounts for about 70% of all new infections detected in the US. A week ago the figure was 13%. According to what was recorded in the first cases, Omicron would be less dangerous than the other variants recorded so far, but the scientists await further research for a definitive evaluation.

In the meantime, the speech by American President Joe Biden in which he will present “new measures” to combat the increase in infections is attested for today. However, no new closures and lockdowns are planned. “It will not be a speech to close the country – White House spokeswoman Jen Psak said in the briefing – it will be a clear and direct speech to Americans on the benefits of the vaccine, on the steps we will take to increase access to vaccines and tests. and on the risks for the unvaccinated “.

The president will say clearly that “the unvaccinated will continue to increase the number of hospitalizations and deaths”. “To be clear – he concluded – Covid 19 for the fully vaccinated is not the same threat it was in March 2020”.