Omicron variant, first death in Germany

The country towards the fourth dose

In Germany, the first death infected by the Omicron variant of the covid. According to information reported by the Robert Koch Institute (Rki) and relaunched by the BBC, this is a person aged between 60 and 79 years. To counter the new variant, a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine will also be administered in the country, Health Minister Lauterbach announced yesterday, explaining in a press conference that an “aggressive ‘booster’ campaign is our most important defense in the fight. against Omicron “.

According to Lothar Wieler, president of the Robert Koch Institute (Rki), Omicron will be the most popular variant in Germany within three weeks. “Christmas must not become the spark that ignites the Omicron fire,” Wieler said at the same press conference, urging citizens to keep contact to a minimum. Germany has ordered 4 million doses of the new Novavax vaccine, which will arrive in January, and 11 million doses of the new Valneva vaccine, which is still awaiting marketing authorization.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Olaf sets the goal of 80% vaccinated with the first dose by 7 January. The goal was announced by government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit. Currently, 61.2 million people in Germany have been vaccinated with at least one dose, accounting for 73.6% of the total population.

To reach the 80% target, 5.3 million first-dose vaccinations will therefore be required by 7 January. On that date, Scholz expects to be able to discuss the next steps in the fight against the pandemic with the premieres of the 16 German landers.