Omicron variant, Germany: “Over the critical threshold but no lockdown at Christmas”

Lauterbach: “Fifth wave can no longer be stopped, continue with the vaccination campaign”

There will be no lockdown before Christmas in Germany. German health minister Karl Lauterbach said this in an interview with Ard. “There won’t be a block here like in the Netherlands before Christmas. We will have the fifth wave“Lauterbach said, pointing out that it was the critical threshold for the number of people infected by the Omicron variant has been exceeded and therefore “this wave can no longer be stopped completely”.

The goal at this point is “to protect those who are particularly at risk” by relaunching the vaccination campaign, and to educate people about what is possible during the holidays and what is not. “My concern now is to carry out the recall campaign and the first vaccination campaign as quickly as possible, without red tape and at top speed,” said the German health minister.

INFECTIONS – Germany has recorded 29,348 new cases of Covid and 180 deaths in the last 24 hours. The data provided today by the Robert Koch Institute indicate a significant decrease in infections compared to the averages of recent days, partly due to the fact that it is the weekend, but lower than that recorded last Sunday, when there were 32,348 new infections.

A decrease in the weekly incidence is then underlined, which dropped to 315.4 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, while yesterday it was 321.8 cases, a week ago it was 390.9.

RESTRICTIONS FOR OTHER COUNTRIES – Germany has included the United Kingdom in the list of countries at highest risk for the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid. As of tomorrow 20 December, restrictions will be imposed on the entry of travelers from Great Britain. Returning Germans will be asked to have a negative swab result and to respect a two-week quarantine, even if they are vaccinated.

Germany has also imposed restrictions on entry from France and Denmark, which have been declared high-risk areas as Covid. Those who arrive from these countries without being vaccinated, or without having a certificate of recovery, will have to do 10 days of quarantine, a period that can be reduced with a negative test after five days. At this point, all countries bordering Germany, excluding Luxembourg, are considered high-risk Covid countries by the German health authorities.