Omicron variant, Johnson & Johnson studies ad hoc vaccine

“Confident in robust feedback from our current product, we will quickly develop a new one if necessary”

Omicron variant, Johnson & Johnson will evaluate its Covid vaccine and to do so is testing the blood serum of participants in the completed and ongoing booster studies to verify neutralizing activity against the new mutant. At the same time, the US company is working on a specific vaccine against the Omicron variant and will carry it out as needed. This is what J&J explains in a note in which he takes stock of the activities related to the new mutant.

Since the emergence of the Covid pandemic, the note reads, “Johnson & Johnson has closely monitored the new emerging variants of Covid-19. In collaboration with academic groups in South Africa and around the world, the company has evaluated the effectiveness of its vaccine for several variants, including the new Omicron variant which is spreading rapidly. Omicron, points out Mathai Mammen, Global Head of Janssen Research & Development, J&J, “highlights the importance of continuous surveillance, testing and vaccinations to prevent hospitalizations. and deaths from Covid. We remain confident in the robust humoral and cell-mediated immune responses generated by Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine, demonstrated by the duration and breadth of protection against variants found in clinical trials so far. “

But, added the expert, “we will not limit ourselves to that. Based on our long-standing collaboration with field scientists in South Africa and ongoing clinical practice efficacy studies with Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine, we will work together to generate new data on Omicron. In parallel, we have begun work to design and develop a new vaccine against Omicron and will rapidly move it forward into clinical trials as needed. “