Omicron variant, Johnson: “We risk boom infections and hospitalizations”

The premier: “Race against time for third doses”

“More records will come”. Great Britain breaks through the roof of 78 thousand coronavirus infections in one day, absolute record in the covid pandemic. The spread of the Omicron variant leaves a very heavy mark and is destined to have a further impact in the coming weeks. “We have to be realistic, more records will fall in the coming weeks. We have two epidemics that overlap: there is the Delta curve, which does not change, and that of Omicron, which is growing very rapidly. The hospitalizations are starting to increase in particular. in some areas, such as London. In the capital, most cases “in the short term” will be of the Omicron variant. From Christmas onwards, we expect an increase in hospitalizations related to Omicron “, says Professor Chris Witty, scientific advisor of the government, in the press conference with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“In some regions, infections double in less than 2 days. We will see an inevitable increase in hospitalizations, which rise 10% nationwide from week to week and about 33% in London. We need to slow the spread of the variant. and at the same time we reduce the damage that Omicron can cause: we build our defenses with vaccines. Use masks, swab if you plan to meet elderly or frail people “, says the prime minister.

“Wherever you are, there will be a dose of vaccine for you: in hospitals, pharmacies, shopping malls, stadiums. Please get vaccinated. It’s a race against time,” he adds, explaining that starting Sunday beyond 20 thousand volunteers have joined the “territorial army” which is relaunching the vaccination campaign for third doses, or ‘booster jabs’.

Do something this Christmas that you will be able to tell your grandchildren over the next few years “, he says, addressing citizens, asking to wear masks indoors, ventilate the rooms and perform a test before taking part in crowded events or visiting an elderly or vulnerable relative. Above all. , He says, “take the third dose now”.