Omicron variant, Speranza: “Not yet widespread in Italy, maintain advantage”

“In a few weeks it will be much more present: go on with third doses to create a shield”

“The Omicron variant in Italy is not yet significantly widespread. We have an advantage and we have to keep it, we know it won’t last long. But 10 days means 4-5 million third doses and that can make a difference. The control room meets on Thursday, no decision has been taken: we will make the assessments on the basis of the data “. The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, thus expresses himself on the covid emergency, with the risks associated with the Omicron variant. The control room meets on Thursday 23 December, which could take further measures to counter the growth of infections.

There is an element of concern on the part of the government, it would not be serious not to be worried in such a situation. We are confronting each other, numbers in hand. We will evaluate the possible solutions – explains Speranza-. However, I think that we are in a different phase compared to last year: at Christmas last year we were in the red zone on all holidays and days before holidays, with very hard closures. The deaths were many more, we had three times as many hospitalizations in intensive care. Now there are no restrictions, the economic activities are open: we carried out a large vaccination campaign, 88.5% of people over 12 took the first dose and 85.3% also did the second ” .

In recent days, Italy has touched 30 thousand daily infections. “There is a difficult situation at the Italian and European level, even if our daily infections are a third of those of Great Britain and about half that of France and Germany. There is a rather constant significant growth in the last few weeks, if it continues like this it can risk putting our health facilities in difficulty “, says Speranza a Che tempo che fa.

“We will reflect with our scientists and the scientific community to evaluate the adequacy of our measures. Meanwhile we have made some choices, extending the state of emergency and raising the level of attention with respect to arrivals from other European countries. advantage: the variant Omicron is not yet significantly widespread, tomorrow we will do a further check the situation of variants in our country. We will see how the curve evolves and on Thursday we will have this appointment with the scientists “, he adds referring to the control room.” The measures will always be weighted with respect to the seriousness of the situation “

“We have known the Omicron variant for a few weeks, the first data tell us that the third dose of vaccine allows us to have a very significant level of protection. In Italy over 14 million people have taken the third dose, it is the best shield we can find. can prepare for when, within a few weeks, the Omicron variant will be much more present in our country. We have an advantage over other countries and we must try to keep it: even 10 more days, at the rate of 450-470 thousand doses, means about 5 million recalls “, he says.

“Third dose and mask are a very important shield. My invitation is to do the third dose and wear the mask on all occasions where there may be risks: with these 2 weapons we can have a significant shield”, he reiterates.

The vaccination campaign for children aged 5-11 has just started “Over 52 thousand children took the first dose, including my two children Michele and Emma. They had a nice experience, there was somehow a festive atmosphere. The health service has made itself welcoming towards the little ones. I as a father spoke to our pediatrician. I would humbly suggest that all families talk to pediatricians, who have spent their whole life taking care of our children’s problems, “says Speranza.