Omicron variant, the entrepreneur in South Africa: “You are worse off”

“Europe is in trouble, not us,” Riccardo Pinna who works in Johannesburg tells Adnkronos

Omicron South African variant of Covid? “We do not know anything, just look at the rates of contagion and mortality. In all honesty, Europe, compared to us, is in trouble. I don’t understand how this story came out, which is also creating economic problems, with canceled flights. “This is how Riccardo Pinna, an Italian entrepreneur in Johannesburg, spoke with the Adnkronos, expressing” skepticism and surprise “at the alarm about ‘Omicron variant’, which then, he specifies, “does not even seem to be South African, but comes from Botswana”. Here we “are very calm”, says Pinna, owner of a marble and granite company. “We are on alert level one, as always we wear masks, we wash our hands”, he says, while in the background you can hear the cries of children playing at the Italian Club, where today he went to lunch with one of the lists they present the committees of Italians abroad to the elections of the Comites. “Here at the club, we are doing the Christmas market, there are 6-700 people.” Like other Italians, he received the worried messages from friends and relatives inviting him to pay attention. But Pinna says there is no such alarm situation in South Africa. Maybe more will be heard tomorrow night when the South African president will speak.

Coordinator of the Italian Association Movement Abroad (Maie) for the division of Asia Africa Oceania and Antarctica, Pinna had to come to Italy for the IV Permanent Assembly of the State-Regions-Autonomous Provinces – General Council of Italians Abroad, which will take place in Rome on 15 and 17 December. But now he fears he won’t be able to leave.