Omicron variant, trusted by Israel: 3 vaccine doses protect

A complete cycle seems to neutralize the new variant

Three doses of the covid vaccine protect against the Omicron variant. There are signs of optimism from Israel in the campaign against the spread of the new variant. Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said individuals fully vaccinated against covid can also be protected against the Omicron variant. In Israel, four cases of positivity to the variant have so far been confirmed. “In the next few days we will have accurate information on the effectiveness of the Omicron vaccine, but there is already room for optimism, and there are initial indications that those who have been vaccinated with a still valid vaccine or booster will also be protected. from the variant, “he said.

“It is good news if they have carried out the experiments, it takes some time to do them”, said the president of Aifa, Giorgio Palù, a guest of Porta a Porta covid.

“You have to have the virus in culture and isolate it, in Israel or they have had cases or if they had it sent from South Africa, or you have to use a chimeric virus that has on the outer surface the protein S with which the virus attacks our cells, which is needed for the vaccine – he explained – To develop it for synthetic biology it takes some time and then you have to test the immunizing capacity. If they have obtained this result, it is a good figure “.