ON FLAME: Kanye West Issues Important Warning To Kylie Jenner’s Assistant About Playboy

kanye-west he’s back on Instagram tonight and he’s on fire. She shared a series of posts that, in true Kanye fashion, will likely be deleted. Kanye also challenged the image-sharing platform to delete his posts.

kanye published a photo of the best friend and former assistant of Kylie Jenner, Victory Villarroel. Victoria was Kylie’s assistant for a long time, but she made the leap from assistant to friend and is now an influencer.

In the caption, Kanye suggested that Chris Jennermade” that Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian did the Playboy thing.

She gave Victoria a warning, with a public message for Victoria not to let Kris force her into Playboy. Kanye revealed that porn ruined his family. He also shared that Instagram promotes addiction, in the caption.

He also shared an industry secret: that Hollywood is one giant brothel.

Finally, he said that he would not allow his North daughters, or Chicago, to fall victim to the same fate.

Kanye wrote in the caption: “Don’t let Kris force you to play the playboy like she did with Kyle and Kim. Hollywood is a giant brothel. Porn destroyed my family. I deal with addiction. Instagram promotes it. I won’t let it happen to Northy and Chicago. ”

Kanye West calls himself a sperm donor

In another post, Kanye wrote the names of other parents of Kardashian babies, Scott Disick, Travis Scott and Tristan Thompson.

A black background and white text read: “Tristan, Trav, Scott.”

It then showed a Google search results page with a sperm donor ad.

Kanye suggested that he and the other three baby daddies stick together.

The caption of the photo said: “Calling my mates c*m doners Us on this 2gthr.”