On her back and in a bathing suit, Pampita shook the net

pampita, at 44 years old, is more active than ever. She is currently preparing for the second season of the program that she leads together with Leandro ‘El Chino’ Leunis “El Hotel de los Famosos”. The first part was very successful and had Alex Caniggia as the winner.

In the ‘Partners of the Show’ program some participants have already been confirmed, in addition to pampita and his colleague. “Charlotte Caniggia is hyper confirmed. Her brother was the winner, we will see if she suffers the same fate and if she endures (…) Fernando Carrillo is very confirmed, “they assured.

This past weekend included Friday the 7th and Monday the 10th in Argentina as holidays, so pampita She took the opportunity to travel with her youngest children to Punta Cana: Benicio, Beltrán and Ana. Her husband, Roberto García Moritán, did not travel due to work issues, as did her eldest son, Bautista, who stayed with Benjamín Vicuña in Buenos Aires.

Pampita in Punta Cana. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

The brother of pampitaGuillermo Ardohain, who always accompanies her on these trips, was not this time. Yes, her friends Matilde Grobocopatel and Andrea Ciorciari did. As they showed on the networks, the first day they toured the place, they attended a foam party for the whole family.

Pampita posed on her back. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

Once again, the model used her account Instagram to display all its beauty and promote the hotel in the Dominican Republic. Benjamín Vicuña’s ex wore a two-piece swimsuit with a flower print. “Perfection, at its best! You are perfect babe, I hope all women will love themselves! You are the most beautiful thing that exists” was one of the thousands of messages she received.

Pampita with her hair in the wind. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial