On Hulu the documentary Thank You, Goodnight The Bon Jovi Story

Jon Bon Jovi will soon be the protagonist of a documentary on Hulu. Or rather, one docuseries in four episodes, the first in history with the full collaboration of the band, and with the participation of all its members of today and yesterday. The title? Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story

What we know about Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story

“As exciting as the story of a once-in-a-lifetime talent is, it’s even rarer that a legend like Jon Bon Jovi allows the world to experience his most vulnerable moments while he’s still living them”: this is what we read in the press release announcing the project The docuseries will contain forty years of personal videos, unreleased demos, original texts and photos never published before, to tell the career of Jon Bon Jovi and Bon Jovi from New Jersey to the biggest world stages. We will see the successes, many of them. But also the setbacks, the disappointments, the misunderstandings. And we’ll see a little John Francis Bongiovi Jr. behind the idol Jon Bon Jovi.

When will the Jon Bon Jovi documentary come out?

There docuseries about Jon Bon Jovi is directed by Gotham Chopra, former director of the documentary Kobe Bryant’s Muse and of Man in the Arena: Tom Brady. The executive production is assigned to Giselle Parets and Ameeth Sankaran, while Alex Trudeau Viriato produced and edited the entire project. Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story will premiere on Friday April 26.