On Meta Quest the virtual American football NFL Pro Era

Developed by StatusPRO, in partnership with the NFL and the National Football League Player Association

Coming to the Meta Quest NFL Pro Era platform, virtual reality American football simulation. Developed by StatusPRO, in collaboration with the NFL and the National Football League Player Association (NFLPA), NFL Pro Era is the first officially licensed American football simulation game in VR, featuring all the teams, the most important players and the characteristics of real football. In the game it will be possible to impersonate your favorite quarterback, in an 11 vs 11 American football simulation that gives the possibility to play entire seasons, with the aim of winning the Super Bowl. “We are thrilled that fans can experience how fun it is to make the plays and make decisions of an NFL quarterback, just like our cover athlete Lamar Jackson,” said Andrew Hawkins, co-founder and president of StatusPRO and former player, wide receiver. , of the NFL. “Savoring the energy of thousands of ecstatic fans in their favorite stadium while looking for what it takes to compete at the highest level. These are liveable situations in our game, and it is truly something that I believe every American football fan will remember. It’s one thing to experience sports games in front of a screen, it’s quite another to step into the shoes of your team’s quarterback and choose from over a hundred patterns, and then successfully execute a shotgun, quick slant 86 or pistol ace with wide receiver returns as the defense runs towards you. NFL Pro Era is the future of the field. “

The game will allow you to advance both on and off the pitch. Starting from the discovery of the locker room and the trophy room, passing through the training ground and warming up with mini games of skill, arriving at the completion of an entire season or a quick two-minute exercise. It is also possible to enter a multiplayer sandbox mode to play with friends, try receptions and explore the pitch and sidelines of any NFL stadium. “For the fans to be able to experience everything I do, from a quick slant to a long bomb while trying not to take a sack, is a superior experience,” said Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. “It’s a game different from all the others that can be experienced. In the role of the quarterback, you take the snap and feel the pressure of those who have to make a great play. The game action is as close to reality as possible. have! I’m proud to be the brand’s first cover athlete. ” The title is available on the Quest platform at a price of 29.99 euros.