On Prime Video Matano with ‘Prova Sa Sa’, “the celebration of comedy”

In the cast Maccio Capatonda, Maria Di Biase, Edoardo Ferrario, Aurora Leone

A show focused on improvisation with Frank Matano at the helm is about to take off. From November 2 on Prime Video , the new comedy produced by Endemol Shine Italy with a fixed cast of 4 comedians: Maccio Capatonda, Maria Di Biase, Edoardo Ferrario, Aurora Leone. “This program – Frank Matano presents it to the press – is a celebration of comedy because, based on improvisation, it becomes a real challenge for the comedians who participate, who must therefore get out of their comfort zone and do things that may not belong to them. For me , then, conducting it is a dream come true, since I am a fan of the format from which it is based, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, since I was a child, because I used to watch it when I went to America to visit my grandparents “.

In each episode the four comedians must perform in a series of improvised sketches and challenges sometimes decided by the conductor, other times based on the suggestions of the studio audience. Some of these sketches are individual, others involve two or more comedians. “For me it was magical to see the four of them perform, because an improvised comic sketch is constantly in progress. For them, however, it was a bit like jumping in a helicopter and not knowing if they had parachutes or pots in their backpack” .

“It wasn’t easy, it’s true – he comments Maccio Capatonda – especially for someone like me used to being in control of everything, but improvisation allows you to bring out things you don’t even know you have, it brings out something pure. Another thing that distinguishes it from other shows – he continues – is the speed: there are about 10 games in one episode (each episode lasts about 30 minutes, ed) and this allows the viewer not to get bored “.” In my opinion – he adds. Maria Di Biase – the added value of this show is that we were four comedians who didn’t want to excel, but who listened and played together “.

“It is not easy for a comedian not to know what you are going to face, because you always want to know in which direction you are going – he observes Edoardo Ferrario – but, to use Frank’s metaphor, it was nice to jump in, and he was great at leading and guiding us, at figuring out when a sketch was finished “. Aurora Leone: “In a program where you have no reference points, Frank was for us and he was fundamental. Furthermore, the fact that we are very different from each other, with different ages, experiences and references, allows the program to be very transversal “.

‘Prova Prova Sa Sa’ is a show with great potential for viral and social content, thanks to a simple and highly recognizable scene, fast-paced comic sketches, games and easily replicable rehearsals. During the episode, the conductor assigns points to the artists who have made people laugh the most or who have given their best for their performance. The assignment of points is completely arbitrary, a real pretext for awarding an episode winner and celebrating it in an ironic way. Also, in every episode of ‘Try Try Sa Sa’ there is a guest – we’ll see Francesco MandelliValeria Angione, I Soldi Spicci and Corrado Nuzzo – who breaks into the program and gets involved improvising with the cast.