On Rai1 for Christmas the Metalli doc that tells the real Pavarotti

“I want to live like this….and happy I sing! Pavarotti the true story” broadcast on 25 December at around 10.40pm

One Tg1 special by the journalist Leonardo Metals shot between Italy and the United States, New York and Washington DC, it tells the true story of Luciano Pavarotti, the king of tenors. School teacher with a passion for opera inherited from his father Fernando Panettiere in Modena since 1940 and amateur tenor of the Corale Rossini in the city of bel canto. It all began right in that bakery where Luciano occasionally lent a hand to his father, his mother Adele worked in the tobacco factory and his sister Gabriella wanted to become a physical education teacher like him. Start from here”I want to live like this….and happy I sing! Pavarotti the true story“, on air on Rai1 on 25 December at 10.40 pm after Alberto Angela’s programme.

Metalli’s documentary collects all direct testimonies from the voice of his family members, video material restored with a past/present narrative technique, as if everything were still at that time. As if everyone was still with us. The oratory, the closest friends of Trump, football, tennis, his unbridled passion for horses. Concerts and spaghetti. The unknown side of Big Luciano, his travels, the cuisine, the restaurants and his favorite dishes, the secret stories, the two families, 4 daughters, two wives Adua and Nicoletta, 10 secretaries, the women who are often protagonists of his choices. And again, his second life in the United States, over 30 years in New York, from his legendary 1972 debut at the Metropolitan Opera House where he is still considered an undisputed legend today and is celebrated as he was then.

An award to the deceased artist given especially for the documentary for future memory in Washington by the most important association of Italian Americans, the NIAF National Italian American Foundation, which will be exhibited in the house museum in Modena where the tenor lived to the last. Today the house is visited by thousands of foreigners and Italians because it houses its memorabilia and the enthralling story that this film will tell in preview. The less known interpretations of him, but also the ones that made him famous all over the world. An exclusive document discovered in the Rai archives of the first musical encounters with the three tenors Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras directed by Zubin Metha which would later become an unprecedented worldwide success.

His sympathy, continuous jokes and his favorite artists, Bono Vox, Sting, Tony Renis, who invented the duet with Celine Dion, Zucchero who convinced him to listen to Bocelli for the first time and wrote Miserere, Pavarotti’s pop breakthrough, as well The Pavarotti and Friends was born. The tenor Vittorio Grigolo who sang with Pavarotti as a child following his advice until today. The voice of Stefano Accorsi who will tell about his Modena. The documentary will be translated for the English channel of Rai and for the international audience that followed Pavarotti, there is much anticipation for this story of Italian bel canto that honors us in the world thanks to Big Luciano, power, sweetness and a great desire to live so, singing happily.