On Sky TG24 the Excellence award for managers and companies

The event organized by Manageritalia, Confcommercio and Cfmt, now in its tenth edition, rewards the results obtained in the last two years

Tenth edition of the Excellence Award organized by Manageritalia, Confcommercio and Cfmt. As managers and companies they have achieved successful goals with commitment, passion, throwing the heart over the obstacle. The event on channel 501 and on the Sky TG24 website.


The Excellence Award

The Excellence Award, named after Lido Vanni, is the two-year initiative born in 2000 which aims to identify managers capable of distinguishing themselves from all members, as long as they are active in a company adhering to the contractual sectors of Manageritalia or active retirees. in the professional and social field thanks to the recommendations of colleagues, family members, other members, companies adhering to the contractual sectors of Manageritalia.

With the fourth edition, in 2005 it took on a national dimension, extending the Award also to the world of business and training, thus fully recognizing the value and importance of tertiary excellence in our country.

2021 Edition

For the tenth edition, we looked for excellent managers, executives, middle managers, executive professionals who in the period 2019 – 2021 distinguished themselves for activities of high significance and depth, with particular attention to actions taken in managing the situation imposed by the health emergency caused by the Covid19 pandemic.