On the edge, in the midst of the controversy Paty Maldonado tells Deputy Orsini "shake off your pants"

In the program “The Indomitable”, patty maldonado and Catherine Polished discussed the controversy surrounding Daniela Aranguiz, Jorge Valdivia and the deputy maite orsini. Maldonado took advantage of the occasion to make a direct discharge to Orsiniasking him to dedicate himself to legislating instead of suing.

The controversy started when aranguiz accused Orsini of having too much power, even talking to prosecutors to get people out of detention and make papers disappear. This caused Orsini will announce legal actions against the ex-girl Mekano.

Given this, Paty Maldonado criticized the attitude of Orsini and told him that he should focus on making good projects for the Chilean people instead of “going around and wasting time in lawsuits.”

Immediately afterwards, the opinionologist added: “Shake off the gentleman’s underpants and shake off his underpants. And don’t fish, legislate, do good projects for the benefit of the Chilean people.”

It is important to mention that Paty Maldonado also emphasized the fact that the deputy is involved in this controversy, which leads to the question of whether she is fulfilling her duty to legislate instead of being in the midst of personal conflicts.

“We pay them to legislate for the benefit of the Chilean people. We do not pay them to go around fooling around and wasting time in lawsuits. No, we pay all these h… to work and do good projects”Maldonado said.