“On the golden lake” from the film at the Ciak in Rome with Mariano Rigillo

The transition from the big cinema screen to the theater stage is increasingly frequent and is now enriched by a new operation, after the first in Italy signed by the director Luigi Squarzina: the comedy ‘On the Golden Lake’ by Ernest Thompson dated 1981 who won three Oscars and saw protagonists Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn with Jane Fondais revived in a theatrical version by Mario Scaletta with the interpretations in the main roles of Mariano Rigillo, Anna Teresa Rossini and Silvia Siravodirected by Anna Masullo, on stage until 8 January at Ciak theater in Rome.

“The problematic confrontation between three different generations, the difficult acceptance of the passing of time, the relationships lost and then rediscovered, all told with irony, poetic amazement and moving involvement – is the description of the cinematographic and now theatrical work contained in the director’s notes Anna Masullo – It’s a show for the whole family, to smile together at those misunderstandings that sometimes you just need to just let go…”.

The plot sees Norman and Ethel Thayer spend the summer holidays as every year in their house on the shore of a lake. The man is about to turn 80 and faces the idea of ​​old age with great disappointment, which advances quickly together with some symptoms of mental confusion and the fear of dying. Ethel tries to reconcile him with her daughter Chelsea, for years on bad terms with his father. “And it is curious – notes the director – to think that the place where the action takes place is a lake, a manifestation of nature that represents calm of the spirit, depth of thought, the resolution of tensions: necessary values ​​in the most precious human relationships “.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)