On TV we are used to seeing her like this: did you see how Francesca Manzini was at 18? Incredible!

Beauty and sympathy are her winning weapons: Francesca Manzini is one of the most popular women in the show, but what was she like at 18?

An undeniable talent that has allowed her to go where perhaps not even she imagined: a lot of irony and determination, wit and perfect television timing are her main characteristics as well as, of course, a very special charm and charisma.

We know her like this on TV: did you see how Francesca Manzini was at 18? Incredible! (Instagram)

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Francesca Manzini, who we recently saw among the jury of the last edition of Tale and Which Show with one of her hilarious imitations, is the typical example of who has made it.

Despite a difficult youth, with long periods characterized by food problems and unhappy thoughts, as told by herself some time ago to Verissimo, the former competitor of Amici Celebrities has carved out a respectable place in the Italian art scene.

Regardless of the difficulties she encountered as a teenager, even when she was just 18, Manzini was truly gorgeous. A shot she posted on Instagram is proof of this.

Francesca Manzini at 18: what a splendor, you will be stunned!

The dark period of this talented artist dates back to when she was very young: ““ I let myself go, I also drank something more and it wasn’t good for me. Besides the alcohol there were other things too, yes. I came out on my own ”, she told Silvia Toffanin’s microphones.

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Much also depended on the relationship with his father: “My father was a man who was unable to demonstrate, express. He raised me, in his own way, and I thank him for how he did it, because as much as I may have been a failure for him, I’m here with you now. “

In any case, although they were difficult years, Francesca today is at the height of her splendor both from a professional and private point of view, being happily paired with her boyfriend Marco.

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Francesca Manzini at 18

Photo source: Instagram In this photo we see her at 18: besides not having changed much since then, have you seen how beautiful?