One Hundred Thousand – in the Arena, concert postponed because Fiorella Mannoia is not well

“Una niente Centomila – in Arena” has been postponed to a later date, in 2024, instead of being staged on 26 September at the Verona Arena, as was planned.

The mega concert to raise funds to support Italian anti-violence centers and raise awareness against the phenomenon of gender violence has been postponed due to health reasons which prevent the artistic director Fiorella Mannoia from participating in the event. “I am mortified to inform you that I am stuck in bed due to a herniated disc that I have just been diagnosed with and which affected me a few days ago, as you probably saw during the Tim Music Awards”, Mannoia said.
The new date will be communicated as soon as possible, according to the event organisation. “Certainly for several days, it will be impossible for me to move, rehearse and perform on stage,” continues Fiorella Mannoia. “My fellow friends and all the organisers, with a huge gesture of affection and solidarity, have decided to postpone this evening to make it a celebration for everyone. I hope to give you good news soon. Thank you all, I am moved by the solidarity you are showing me.”

Ferdinando Salzan: “Fiorella’s presence, in front and behind the scenes, is essential”

You really couldn’t think of not having her, the artistic director, at the event for which she spent so much soul, body, time, energy and passion: Fiorella Mannoia cannot be missing from the roll call for what concerns “Una Quale Centomila – in the Arena”.

“We have been working on this event for months, with an extraordinary response from the public which made it sold out in just 20 days,” declared Ferdinando Salzano, Friends & Partners founder and organizer of the event. “Fiorella’s presence, in front and behind the scenes, is in all respects essential. We cannot think of creating the show without her, who in addition to having coordinated the artistic and musical direction of the entire show, would have been the protagonist of beautiful musical collaborations with her friends and colleagues, who accepted the invitation to be on stage of the Verona Arena for this very important cause”.

The fundraising campaign has been confirmed

Although the concert has been postponed, the campaign to raise funds to support Italian anti-violence centers and raise awareness against the phenomenon of gender violence remains confirmed.

From Sunday 24 September to Saturday 30 September the campaign will be active on the solidarity number 45586. You can donate 2 euros via text message from your personal Windtre, Tim, Vodafone, PosteMobile, Iliad, Coop Voce and Tiscali mobile phones; 5 or 10 euros with a call from Tim, Vodafone, Windtre, Fastweb, Geny and Tiscali landlines, 5 euros with a call from Twt, Postemobile and Convergenze landlines. The collection is promoted by the Una Nuovi Centomila ETS Foundation for the prevention and fight against violence against women, in collaboration with Differenza Donna APS, a historic organization that manages the national anti-violence and stalking toll-free number 1522.

Tickets purchased remain valid for the new date. It will be possible to request a refund on Ticketone and the other sales channels used during the purchase phase.

In June 2022 there was the other benefit concert

This is not the first edition of the charity musical event. “Una.None. Centomila” (this was the exact title of the last edition) was a charity concert that took place on 11 June 2022 at the RCF Arena in Reggio Emilia. The event was promoted by Friends&Partners, with the participation of Laura Pausini, Elisa, Giorgia, Emma, ​​Alessandra Amoroso, Fiorella Mannoia and Gianna Nannini. The aim of the initiative was to raise funds to help women victims of violence and promote women’s rights and gender equality. The event was attended by over 100,000 people.

Even then the event was postponed: it was initially scheduled for September 19, 2020, but the concert was suspended due to restrictions to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy. After being rescheduled for June 26, 2021, it was then postponed again to June 11, 2022.

In 2022 the concert took place both with individual performances by the singers and with duets together with singers chosen by the same artists: Laura Pausini with Eros Ramazzotti, Elisa with Tommaso Paradiso, Giorgia with Sottotono, Emma with Brunori Sas, Alessandra Amoroso with Diodato, Fiorella Mannoia with Caparezza and Gianna Nannini with Coez. During the concert, several video messages of solidarity appeared, including those from Roberto Bolle, Alessandro Cattelan and Luca Argentero.
The performance lasted six hours with 62 songs sung, with the participation of 54 musicians and choristers.