One of the letters that Cecilia Bolocco sent to Felipe Izquierdo when he was under house arrest came to light

In 2001, the former Argentine president Carlos Menem He was accused by the trans-Andean justice of being the head of an illegal association that sold more than 6,500 tons of arms and ammunition to Ecuador and Croatia. Due to his advanced age, the courts allowed him to fulfill his house arrest in the “Quinta Torcuato”, a large residence on a farm.

As part of the conditions of his detention, Cecilia Bolocco, his wife at the time, took it upon herself to watch over his health and ensure that he complied with the terms of his arrest.

Due to the restriction on visits at the residence, Cecilia communicated with her friends in Chile through letters and emails. One of her frequent recipients was the Chilean actor Felipe Left, with whom he had a close friendship. In a recent television program on Channel 13, Felipe showed one of the emails that he received from Cecilia during that time.

In the mail, Cecilia Bolocco he expresses his gratitude for having Felipe as a close friend and helping him survive a difficult situation. He also mentions that he can see a little piece of heaven from the barred window of his house arrest and is happy to know that Felipe is there to read his messages every day.

“We spent this time together (…) through this friendship that we had, we could survive very extreme situations,” recalled the actor, who in the same year faced the illness of his eldest son, hearing loss. “Looking at the little piece of heaven that I can see from this barred window, I feel absolutely happy to know that you are there. I have a wonderful excuse to get up because I know that you will read my message every day,” read one of the emails that he received. shipment Cecilia Bolocco Felipe Izquierdo.