“One of the worst things I’ve done”: Sonia Bruganelli leaves everyone speechless

Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, Sonia Bruganelli reveals after years one of the worst experiences of her career: what she did.

Wife of Paolo Bonolis for twenty years now but not only. Sonia Bruganelli she has pointed out several times that she is a career woman regardless of her husband’s fame. She also made it clear during her first experience as a columnist for the GF Vip, stressing several times that for her, TV is just a diversion since she already has a job and rather well underway.

Sonia Bruganelli surprise revelation (Credits: Instagram) As for the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, she decided to repeat the adventure also in the next season after some initial hesitation. To the microphones of the Courier he also admitted that the absence of Adriana Volpe it was one of the reasons that finally convinced her to accept: “Now it’s different, I’ll be with Orietta Berti: I admire and respect her. He doesn’t take himself seriously, like me ”.

With the conductor of the historic Canale 5 program, Bonolis’s blonde wife did not deny having had a skirmish during an episode of the past edition. “She had taken away the word in a bad way,” she says, adding, however, that the argument also brought them closer. “I discovered a person similar to me. He has a fragility hidden by being eccentric, he seems ruthless but he is a softie ”.

While waiting to find Bruganelli sitting in the studio to comment on the events of the ‘Vipponi’, he also revealed to the well-known newspaper what is one of the stages of his career that he is not proud of. Take a guess!

Sonia Bruganelli unexpected revelation: what she did

Not everyone remembers it, but one of the few times that the beautiful TV entrepreneur was in front of the cameras was during the first edition of The farm conducted by Paola Perego. It was 2009 and she was about 35 years old.

Today, 13 years after that first experience as a columnist, he talks about it like this: “One of the worst things I’ve done, I wasn’t ready. I was known only as the wife of Bonolis who had just done the second Sanremo. I was not credible and I was not believed. Among the competitors there were untouchable characters: I had too many stakes and I was too young ”.

We find it difficult to remember an awkward and unsure Sonia Bruganelli, given the evolution she has had over the years, but if she says so, we trust her.

What did Sonia Bruganelli do
Sonia Bruganelli unpublished story (Credits: Instagram)

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