“One thing that nobody knows”: the background on Giulia Stabile displaces the followers

There comes a background that displaces the followers on Giulia Stabile, former winner of Amici: “something that nobody knows”

The very young Giulia Stabile, after his victory in the latest edition of Friends, is racking up success after success. Her great talent as a dancer made her stand out, but now comes an unexpected backstory that displaces her followers. What happened?

A background on Giulia Stabile arrives: “Something that nobody knows” (Source Instagram)

Giulia Stabile after the victory in the talent show, she remained in the welcoming arms of Maria De Filippi, participating in some episodes of Friends 2021 and also a You are Que Vales, where he improvised an amazing dance with the competitor Sadek. The sweet Giulia is a very shy and reserved girl, we know some sides of her private life thanks to participation in Friends. Like her relationship with the singer Saint John, second arrived after his Giulia and highly acclaimed character. It’s no secret that Giulia Stabile has also remained very close to Raffaella Mennoia, the right-hand man in some programs Maria De Filippi. In fact, Mennoia revealed a background on Giulia during an interview.

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The background on Giulia Stabile: “something that nobody knows”

Raffaella Mennoia she told herself in an interview with Novella 2000, in which he also spoke of the winning dancer of Friends and his relationship with her, revealing an unexpected detail. The two women are visibly in tune, and Raffaella took the girl to heart, praising her as “Giulia is a puppy, pure, good, I’ve never heard her say anything bad”.

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background on Giulia Stabile
Source Instagram

Then comes the revelation: “I’ll tell you something nobody knows: his Instagram profile is managed by me. When she left Amici she asked me to help her with social media and I accepted with the heart. Giulia embodies the positivity that I would like to convey to the world. It is inclusive, respects diversity, it does not adhere to the classic canons of beauty, but when it dances it can be extraordinary “. Beautiful words spent for the young girl, who immediately conquered everyone with her smile and her sweetness. Spying on his profile Instagram, which would be managed by Mennoia, you can see many videos of his choreography and photos with his beloved Saint John.

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You never expected this revelation about Giulia Stabile?