OnePlus Nord 2T, top-of-the-range display and battery

There is no 2 without 2T. In fact, the new Nord 2T by OnePlus is a natural evolution of the 2 presented just over a year ago. Evolution, therefore, not revolution even if in the report we have to note a change of processor and a partially renewed aesthetic.

The main features

The newcomer in the family remains faithful to the MediaTek processors but passes from the dimensity 1,200, to the more current and performing 1,300 which always proves effective, assisted by Android 12 which makes it even more fluid and fast. Never embarrassed even if stressed with games and videos, reinvigorated by a good RAM memory reserve that varies from 8 to 12 gigabite depending on the version and the possibility of borrowing from the Rom up to a maximum of an additional 7 Gb. Not at all energy-intensive, so much so that with a battery of only 4,500 mAh you always arrive in the evening and sometimes there is even a few coins of energy left for a last look at social networks. And in the case of particularly intense days, the supplied charger will calm the spirits. With its 80 Watts, it restores vigor to the battery in a few minutes: 27 for full recharging, 15 if you want autonomy equivalent to a whole day. All supervised by 9 sensors that monitor temperatures in real time, avoiding overheating.

At the rear, the Nord 2t features a glass cover, a larger tile, with a decisively cut step and, new, two generously sized portholes, well visible and with a double personality. While on the one hand the aesthetics gains us by making the 2T recognizable at first glance compared to its younger brother, on the other, the purely technical one, there is a stagnation, or, if you like, a confirmation of the combination of lenses of the predecessor. .

The photos and videos

The photographic sector in fact provides three lenses of which the main, 50 megapixel, stands out for its versatility, the balance of white and colors in bright light and for its generosity in case of low light. And it could not be otherwise given that the sensor is a Sony that we find on board smartphones of a very different price range. The other two are 8 and 2 megapixel and have their say when there is a need to resort to the wide angle going up to 120 degrees or to a monofocal lens. Two dual tone flash-LEDs, always perfectly symmetrical, complete the equipment.

The photos give real colors, hardly one is wrong even in the fastest of the tip and shoot as long as there is enough light. Otherwise we will still have good shots, with some grain and evidence of some software artifice that does what it can to improve the situation. Above the average of the segment is the wide angle which, although distorting the angles a lot, does not make the captured images unreal. The 32 megapixel front camera is remarkable, we are not in the presence of a selfie-phone but not too far away.

The videos are always of excellent quality as well as the stabilization but the condition is not to aspire to shooting in 4K but to stop at the more conventional full hd format at 60 fps. The rear one, as mentioned, certainly remains the strong side of the Nord 2T, here the excellent finishes are enhanced, but this does not surprise us that much since it is OnePlus, thanks also to a well-spread painting and not very inclined to retain fingerprints but a waterproof certification is still missing.

The other features, availability and prices

The display is another strong point of the Nord 2T: a 6.43-inch AMOLED, 90 hz, with support for HDR10 plus, which is exalted in the reproduction of high-resolution films and videos, supported by very good stereo sound. balanced. Too bad for the total absence of alternative settings to the native ones but it is something that only the “geeks” miss. Do not bother to look for the headphone jack, there is not, while the characteristic side lever that activates and deactivates the ringer could not be missing. And we come to the price: 409 euros in the 8/128 version, 509 in the 12/256 version.

Pros and cons


  • Display
  • Battery


  • “Conservative” photographic sector
  • The waterproof certification is missing

OnePlus Nord Buds

Together with the Nord 2T we tested the new OnePlus Nord Buds, headphones of excellent workmanship and wearability and with a record-breaking battery. They do not have active noise cancellation but you really do not feel the need since in call the voice was always clear and without disturbances while the tap can be easily customized. Less valid in listening to music but for 49 euros it is difficult to find better.