Online shopping, tips for reusing and recycling the pack

The indications of Subito and Comieco

Don’t throw away cardboard packaging, optimize space and use paper tape to seal new packages. To promote the green side of purchasing, the partnership between Subito, the No. 1 platform in Italy for selling and buying in a sustainable way, and Comieco, the National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging, was born, which together offer advice and suggestions collected in the The Green Side project, live from November.

Making our purchases more sustainable is possible, starting with the correct management of the boxes that allowed the objects to reach our hands. Here are some suggestions from Comieco and Subito to recover and recycle them correctly:

Box: do not throw away the cardboard packaging that accompanied the orders to your home, they must be kept to sell your second-hand.

Space: before shipping, optimize the space of the box by choosing one suitable for the content or by favoring creativity for reuse. For example, different products can be inserted with dividers, created by cutting the sides of other boxes and fitting four ‘flaps’ together to obtain a convenient storage grid.

The content: to protect the most fragile objects, use the sheets of old notebooks or notes that are no longer needed.

The closer: no metal pins or stickers. The best ally is paper tape if you need to ship using a courier. If, on the other hand, it is possible to meet with the buyer, go ahead with the string.

Personalization: even decorations can be respectful of nature. Just use natural colors and dyes or create decoupage using scraps of paper to throw away with highly ecological and sustainable protein glues.

And if, on the other hand, the packages are not really reusable, because they are damaged or dirty, you can always try to dispose of them in the best possible way. How? Removing staples, adhesive tapes and other non-cellulose-based elements from paper and cardboard before placing them in the recycling container; compressing the cardboard boxes and cartons to optimize the space in the special containers so as to facilitate collection operations.