OOONO Co-Driver, what it is and how the “save drivers” button works

OOONO Co-Driver also arrives in Italy, a traffic safety device capable of warning motorists of the presence of speed cameras or road dangers. OOONO Co-Driver is a button to keep in the car (it can be attached magnetically or glued to the dashboard with a sticker) that communicates in real time with our smartphone. Here are all the features.

How does it work

OOONO Co-Driver is very simple to install thanks to the clear instructions on the app. It is activated every time we get into the car, when our smartphone connects via Bluetooth with the device, and remains active for the entire duration of the journey. It can work both alone and with the mobile phone app open: it will sound once if we are approaching a speed camera, twice if we are approaching a dangerous situation (accidents, roadworks, missing loads, slippery asphalt, and etc). This, they explain, thanks to a community of 1.5 million motorists who regularly share updates relating to the road. At which point, if we want, we will also be able to confirm that the speed camera or the danger is still there, by pressing the button on the device once or twice respectively. Or, always pressing once in case of speed cameras and twice in case of danger, we can make the first report. Having the app open, obviously, you will be able to get more information by viewing the type of danger on a map.

A simple system without subscriptions

The system works without having to pay subscriptions. In our test we found that it is better to keep the app open to understand what danger we are approaching, otherwise with the app closed (which however – and this is the objective of OOONO – offers fewer distractions) we will be left for a few second to ask ourselves what the danger is, without knowing exactly what it is. They explain from the parent company that it is possible to connect multiple smartphones to the same device, and vice versa the same smartphone can be connected to multiple OOONOs, in the case of multiple vehicles. It should be noted that to work OOONO requires data, Bluetooth and location access to be always active on the smartphone. The device is powered by a button cell battery that lasts about a year. The price is 50 euros.