Open case, Renzi: “Pm has violated the Constitution, I brought 4 proofs”

Laeder Iv heard in junta immunity in the Senate

“I brought 4 overwhelming evidence that the Florence prosecutor flew the constitution” on the Open case. So Matteo Renzi at the end of the hearing in junta immunity in the Senate. “The prosecutor of Florence – adds Renzi – has violated the Constitution in 4 steps and I have brought to the attention of the junta not the request not to carry out the trial on me, I do not ask that the trial be carried out on me, I ask that take note of the violation of the Constitutional Charter. I have not violated the laws, the Florentine prosecutor has violated the Constitution. It is a serious matter, I have not violated the law, but if a prosecutor violates the Constitution, he has some problem this country…”.

The 4 tests brought to the council are “the acquisition of correspondence of June 2018 with Dr. Males, they are the exchange of whatsapp with Dr. Carrai, they are a series of emails from August 2019. These three – emphasizes the leader of Iv – they are clear and evident for everyone. Then the fourth that I find very convincing and which will however be discussed in the council in the forms it will deem is that relating to the account statement with the acquisition by the prosecutor on 11 January 2021 “.

“I have not requested a conflict of attribution in the council. I have nothing to hide. Also because the current account has been published, it is not that it becomes confidential …”, Renzi said again, adding: “I have no problem, I am transparent here. I think that the prerogatives of the Constitution have been violated and from what I have been able to hear in addition, I seemed to find a significant listening not for me, but for the fact that it is right that the prosecutors respect the Constitution “, the leader IV replied to those who asked him about the reaction of the Executive to his hearing. “I saw great interest and even amazement: four violations of the Constitution is a serious matter”, then “the report, when it is voted on, we will see who will vote”. “If a magistrate violates the Constitution, it is a problem for the citizens. Not for me. Nothing changes for me in the case, I am fighting to see if there is a prosecutor who has violated the Constitution”, he said. still.

“I do not feel persecuted, I do not cry to conspiracy. From my point of view there is no war with the judiciary and I make today’s words of President Mattarella my own”, he said later. “I don’t feel under attack from the media but there are media that have been going on like this for years but, it is also true, that there are very significant causes for damages”, he concluded.